Which sports are Pac-12 sports?

Sports Sponsored by the Pac-12Ai??Schools. Ai??Schools have teams in many sports. Ai??This chart from the Pac-12 handbook shows all the sports team our schools sponsor at the Varsity level.

Institutional Sponsorship

Pac-12 Conference Sports. Ai??In order to become a Pac-12 Conference sport, the sport must have the minimum number of teams sponsored by member schools and the Pac-12 Council must approve the addition of the sport to the Conference. Ai??As of 2014 the league no longer accepts new affiliate members (teams from schools not in the league.) Ai??This is a chart of all the sports sponsored by the Pac-12 Conference.

2015-16 Sports Sponsorship

For those sports not-sponsored by the Pac-12, many choose to compete in other leagues. Ai??TheAi??Mountain Pacific Sports Foundation (MPSF) is home to many of the sports teams at Pac-12 schools that are not sponsored by the Pac-12 conference.

MPSF membership & sports