Regular Season Volleyball Administration Handbook

A consolidation of all Pac-12 administrative policies for the sport of volleyball.

This year’s handbook includes updates or new information regarding the following topics:

1.) Coordinator of Officials: Joan Powell has been hired as the new Pac-12 Coordinator of Volleyball Officials. Her contact information is located on page 2 of the handbook. She will be reaching out to event managers prior to her visit to each campus.

2.) Practice Policy: The Pac-12 practice policy has been updated with the highlighted language below.
Any additional pre-match practice time shall be split equally between the two teams, with the visiting team receiving the second half hour of practice slot closest to the hour warm-up before the match.

3.) Challenge Review System (CRS): The Pac-12 has agreed to implement the CRS at two pilot sites (Oregon and Colorado) for the 2016 season. We ask that all coaches review the CRS section of handbook on page 18 of document to become more familiar with the specifics.

4.) Scoresheets: Each institution should be receiving a UPS shipment from the Pac-12 office in the next week that includes scoresheets, deciding set scoresheets, lineup sheets and libero tracking sheets. If you are running low on any of the aforementioned sheets, please use a copy of the scoresheets on page 26 – 28.

2016 Pac-12 VB Handbook (Updated 8.22.16)

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